Accounting For e-Sports Professionals.

We’re primed to engage with a myriad of entertainment and entrepreneurial ventures.

So with Ocelot, you can focus on your followers instead of your finances.

e-Sports Accountants.

How We Can Help.

Ocelot empowers influential and motivated players. We can ensure you make the most out of your money and advise you on business expenses that can be claimed back. For example, equipment, software and travel expenses are all expensable.

Our team not only manage bill payments but file taxes in a way that will benefit your daily finances. We can simplify your cash flow and help foster long-term wealth. Giving you a full advantage over your financial freedom.

We also love to chat about the games you’re competing in!

Why Choose Ocelot.

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We Understand Your Trade!

Why e-Sports Professionals Need An Accountant.

Progressing in popularity, electronic sports involves the competitive playing of video games. Streaming for millions, eSports offers a plethora of challenges for professional competitors. One of these can be sudden financial success and compliance with tax authorities!

Backed by global sponsorships, players not only compete for glory but lucrative prize money too. Outside of events, avenues of revenue involve sponsorships, streams and player-centric merchandise.

This presents several problems which we solve, you need to free up time, receive expert tax advice and work with someone who understands exactly what you do.

Year-End Accounts

Corporation Tax Returns

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Income Planning

Company Structuring

Tax Advisory

"Ocelot have really helped me get my finances together and do everything they can to help me out. I could not recommend them enough!"

Alyska | Content Creator (Essex)

"Ocelot handle all of our accounts and we can't recommend them highly enough. Knowing that our accounts are in order allows us to concentrate on running our business and winning more work."

Matthew Pearce | Business Owner (London)


"I highly recommend Ocelot. They are professional, knowledgeable, very friendly and helpful. I am impressed with the speed of response to any queries I have."

G MacDonald | Small Business Owner (Bournemouth)

Know Your Fees.

Our philosophy is to price honestly, and transparently. We want you to fully understand your fees and services, and that starts with how they’re calculated, and why you need them.

The beauty of our process is that we get to show you exactly what metrics drive your fees. That might be turnover for the annual accounts, or transaction numbers for your bookkeeping.

It means you’re not overpaying for something you use just a little of or don’t need.

Digitally Minded.

We’re also advocates of bringing your business into the digital era and not letting you fall behind on the times.

Our AppsMap showcases one of the various personalised app stacks we can tailor for your business, which will sit in the Xero ecosystem. We’ll also ensure any new tech is fully implemented and training provided.

Soon, everything will reside in the cloud. With HMRC pushing the ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative, it’s only a matter of time before your business has to rely on cloud software. The great news is they offer significant efficiencies across the board!

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Business Has Evolved.

Businesses have evolved online and adaption is essential!

At Ocelot, we know that running a business can be time-consuming. What’s more, it can be risky to tackle alone if you’re not familiar with particular rules and regulations.

Fortunately, we’re experienced accountants and well-practised in evolving businesses into the digital era.

We’re primed to engage with a myriad of entertainment and entrepreneurial ventures. So with Ocelot, you can focus on your followers instead of your finances.


Let us help you solve your problems and provide that extra peace of mind!